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Welcome to anna RF official blog !!!!
We’ll continue to update and share moments of concerts, fans and friends from around the world…
Join us for the journey 🙂

June 20, 2018

anna RF LIVE !!! ( vlog by Alon Alush )

CRAZY VLOG about our last concert at the Barby – TLV. Made by the amazing ALON ALUSH !! Check out his Youtube channel for more great vlogs !!!

October 01, 2017

Interesting collaboration - Opera Chaotique and Roy Smila

Check out this beautiful interesting collaboration between the greek band Opera Chaotique and our Kamancha player Roy Smila !!!
This piece of art is based on the book Megas Anatolikos by Andreas Embirikos.
Enjoy 🙂

September 21, 2017

I called you zion

new anna-RF video !!!
Unusual project !!!!
New video – part of a documentary series !!!
Thanks to Yonina for the cooperation 🙂 Thanks to Casa Ghetto for the inspiration 🙂
To the Heiman brothers on this special project 🙂 Thanks to Google for the opportunity 🙂
Musical Production – Laroz Haim !!!!
Check it out !!!

September 20, 2017

It's Raining everywhere !!!

It’s raining everywhere ! :))))))
<3 Check out this beautiful cover by Galor Ben Abu and his talented friends Enjoy the weekend ! <3

September 19, 2017

Happy Birthday Monkey !!!

May you climb high !!!
From the monkeys family !!!

June 10, 2017

6 Most Popular Oriental Lounge Music Pieces You May Listen To In Las Vegas Casinos

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<h2>New Casino Lounge Music Trends</h2>
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<li><a href=””>Dreaming of Arabia</a></li>
<li>Dreaming of India</li>
<li>Meditation mix</li>
<li>Soft Light</li>
<li>Orient Express</li>
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May 07, 2017

Home video for Raining In The Desert

It is a bless to inspire people to make such a sweet thing 🙂
Lets stay positive – forget about all this ideas that create the separation and just have FUN !
LOVE is the only way 🙂

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April 25, 2017


Hello Everyone !!!
Check out the new video we made !!!
In a beautiful place in Portugal !!!
It was so much fun to make this video !!!
Enjoy 🙂
Thank you so much to all the Aterra crew in Portugal…
Thank you Leila Smith for starring in the video…
Much Love

March 24, 2017

Great Painting by Oscar Quesada !!!

Thank you so much Oscar Quesada For this great painting !!!
We love it !!
You are wonderful artist !!!

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March 19, 2017

anna RF New Video - GÖZLEME !!!

Check out anna-RF new video – GÖZLEME !!! Feat MC. CABBAR BABA – King of Rhythm !
One of the funniest anna-RF video ever !!!
After many tours in Turkey we fell in love with the Turkish culture – music and food – specially the GÖZLEME – !
Please help us to share it and spread smiles everywhere 🙂

February 04, 2017

anna-RF - Scotland video blog !!!

We R happy to share with U the new Video Blog from our summer tour 2016 – SCOTLAND !
Check it out !!!!
Much love from all of us !!!

January 17, 2017

Check out this beautiful anna-RF Tattoo

Check out this beautiful Tattoo :)))
Belong to Cami Jara From Colombia
You are amazing !!!


January 07, 2017

New stuff coming soon !!!!

We are in India, working on some new stuff !!!
We are very excited !!!
Check out one of our new tune :)))
New music coming soon !!!!
Much Love

December 16, 2016


Next Monday all the anna-RF crew will meet in INDIA ! 🙂
Excitement ! :))))
We will work on new videos and music ! :))))
LOVE ! :))))


December 12, 2016


We are working on a new Jalabiya !!!
Created by the Talented Sheron Designs !!!
Check it out !!!!


November 05, 2016

The 3rd anna RF Video Blog !!! anna RF In POLAND !!!

anna RF in POLAND !!!!!!
The New VIDEO BLOG is out ! ! ! ! :)))))
Join us to this magical journey ! :)))
Much love from all of us ! Visit our partners at
! ! ! !
Peace and LOVE

November 02, 2016

Roy & Yeliz got married !!!

LOVE – the strongest thing on earth ❤️
Roy and Yeliz just got married 🙂
The wedding in Ankara was an energetic explosion of love !
Congratulations Roy and Yeliz – You R a living proof of how strong love can be ! You R an inspiration for all of us!
We all love U so much !!!!!
Wishing you all the best !!!!! ✨
Congratulations !!!!!!!! :))))
Thank U Shira Tabachnik for the beautiful pic :)))


October 16, 2016

anna RF new video !!!

Check out the new anna-RF video !!!!
SAGA – New composition inspired by our journey around the world .
This one was made in beautiful Switzerland
On a very old and magical bench 🙂
Please help us to share it and spread it out
Much love

October 02, 2016


anna RF celebrating 4 years !!!!
Come join us in Abraham Hostel for the only concert in Tel Aviv !!!
Big celebration !!!
Full with guests and dancers !!!!
Join us !!! Dont miss it !!!!
6th of October !!!!
Abraham Hostel @ levontin 21 Tel Aviv !!!!


September 12, 2016

Congratulations Monkey !!!

Congratulations Ofir j.rock !!!
The one and only !!! The high vibrations monkey :)))
We love you very much <3 The anna RF family :))) 14242240_1026141607503848_8557610860586728201_o

September 12, 2016


anna RF meeting POPE FRANCES !!!
We got a phone call from GOOGLE – and they were asking us to…. well 🙂 Just watch this video blog ! ! ! :)))
Changing the world ! :)))
R E V O L U T I O N !
Love 🙂

August 23, 2016


anna RF video BLOG – Playing in PachaMama Festival in Switzerland.
The first chapter of the Blog !
Enjoy the fun – sun and vibe of the summer in Switzerland in a beautiful festival ! :))))

July 30, 2016


“KELE KELE” ! ! ! ! ! NEW VIDEO ! ! ! ! !
anna RF feat FARAFI ! :)))
Help us share the new video please ! :)))))))
Enjoy the new video “KELE KELE” – a song from our last Album “HASAN IS LOCO” ! :)))))
Much love from all of us ! ! ! ! ! ! !

July 11, 2016

Check out this beautiful Tribal dance by Polina !

Check out this beautiful Tribal dance !!!!
Thank you Polina Yankovskaya :))))
For Dancing to anna RF Music – Don’t Break It !
This video was taken at Tribal Festival in Belarus 2016

July 04, 2016

Great performance of Gozleme !!!

Check out this great performance of Gozleme!!!
Thank you so much for sharing it with us !!!
Its look like so much fun :)))
Much love

June 21, 2016

Article about anna RF in EL PAIS !!! Check it out !!!

Habla Espanol? A really beautiful article in Spain’s biggest newspaper about our unexpected meeting with the pope… Thank you guys for choosing us..we humbled by the whole experience
Mucho amor por todo el planeta

anna RF in EL PAIS :)))

June 13, 2016

Meeting With Pope Francis !!!!

We were honoured to be chosen by ‘Google’, ‘Youtube’ and ‘Scholas’ to meet with Pope Francis !!!
It was an amazing experience !!!!
We had a deep conversation with Pope Francis about life.
We are happy to spread a positive message 🙂
Check it out !!!

For the full meeting :

An Interview on the French TV :

May 25, 2016

Beautiful painting by Daniel levi :)

We got a beautiful painting from a very talented young artist !!!
Thank you so much Daniel levi !!!
We are very lucky and honoured 🙂
Much love and blessings 🙂


May 13, 2016

Check out this beautiful Piece of art by Yako de Arburn !!! :)

Check out this beautiful Piece of art by Yako de Arburn !!!
He has been working on it for over 8 months while listening to anna RF !!!
It called “The Wind Dancer” or “Painting and Dancing while listening to ANNA RF”!!!!
Thank you Yako,for listening to our music for creating your beautiful art with it !!!
You are very talented artist !!!
Much love and blessings <3 http://

April 30, 2016

anna RF Rocking on national TV :)))

Check out this crazy performance of “GOZLEME” live in the national TV !!!!
From YouTube to the TV ! ! ! Revolution ! Spreading love on the biggest channels ! :)))


April 11, 2016


Check out “AZALAM LIE” !!! Our new video !!!
Made in the crazy market in India .
Share it and spread the vibesssss
Much love :)))

April 09, 2016

Seeing your favorite bands

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These are just some of the benefits you get when playing online, so it seems there is no reason to try your luck today.

April 03, 2016

News For Electro Music Lovers: Electronic Sound Enhances Brain Activity

One of the greatest aspects of music is that we all can choose our most favorite music genre in a large array of exceptionally attractive genres. So, you may love to listen to modern types of music, including electronic music or you may prefer to listen to relaxing classical music.

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Exceptional Impact Of Electronic Music Soundselectro music

We all know that classical music pieces are renamed for achieving a very good impact on the human brain. So, we all appreciate Mozart, Vivaldi, Beethoven and Händel for their extraordinary music.

However, modern music has also something exceptional to offer: electronic music sounds are proven to stimulate the human brain and to enhance certain brain functions:

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December 27, 2015

Help "Faran" Make a new Album ! :)

Hello Everyone !!!!
Check Out FARAN !!!
Roy Smila, our kamancha player, is playing with them,
And they just started a crowd funding campaign for a new album !!!
Please donate, share and help them to make new music for all of us !!!
Thanks a lot & Much love <3 Click here to support “FARAN NEW ALBUM”

December 20, 2015

Check out our DUBTAZER !!!

Check out DUBTAZER that is playing the electronics and the bass with us.
Last summer he made a dream come true and played a live set at O.Z.O.R.A Festival Hungary. If you never been – GO! Really one of the craziest experiences you will ever have.
“I went up on stage checking my gear a hundred times cause you never know which pedal or synth is gonna choke at just the wrong moment, But once the music starts i go into a hypnotic Dubby phaze, nothing really matters anymore and it all goes by in a second”.
“Iv’e never liked playing alone so i asked friends to join me on stage and so Roy Smila, Roy Friedman, Amir Bar David, and TinaKristina got my back. Bobfotography did some wild camera work and this is the how i remember it. Much Love to the whole Ozora Festival official crew and the DragonNest Stage and all my friends…. See you on the road dudes….

December 15, 2015

Soon in the land of the coconuts !!!

To all our friends in India !!!
This Saturday we gonna play in the MOOD INDIGO FESTIVAL !!!
Come jump with us and enjoy the celebration !!!
Now you can find our music in SAAVN too !!!
Check it out !!!
Much love & See you soon 🙂

Screen Shot 2015-12-15 at 11.03.22

November 29, 2015

anna RF Coming to India

It’s always exciting to play in places we’ve never played before…
This December we’re playing in Mumbai !!!
YES :)))
We love India – it’s a place of endless inspiration .
Many of our songs and videos have been created in this wonderful place.
We’re going to play in the Indigo Mood Festival in Mumbai!!!
If you are around – come join us !!!
And stay update in our Website and Facebook page for more surprises !!!

November 22, 2015

Higher - How it all began...

Our first video 🙂
When we went out to shot it in the sunset we didn’t know that it will change our life…


I’m running to the fire
Like a mad man standing alone
Hiding from the time
I must take it higher
Don’t care to lose in your game
Don’t wanna be the prime
Forget the messiah
Cause you are the one
That would save you from yourself
My only desire is
to live to laugh to love
I have nothing in this race

If you fight
You will never win
Don’t believe what you never have seen

January 27, 2015

The power of synergy

Hello :)))
It’s J.Rock (Rasta) – We are here in India working 6 days a week on the new album – It is bigger then all the dreams that I have ever had – When you working together the results are unbelievable – This is the power of Synergy smile emoticon
It is so beautiful to record here in India people from all over the world – friends from all over the world – even places that we can not get to smile emoticon
For me this is a big part of the beauty of India smile emoticon
We are still working a lot and there is a lot to do – But thanks to the power of love – coconuts and our monkey –
So walla – Thank U all for reading smile emoticon supporting smile emoticon caring smile emoticon and loving smile emoticon
Sending our love from India –
And if it is super cold in your place – It is just because the summer is getting closer smile emoticon

January 03, 2015

Help 'anna RF' Create A New Album

Hello Everyone :)))

Since “anna RF” was born we have devoted our lives to traveling all around the world creating our music in combination with local traditions and cultures and collaborating with local musicians, dancers and artists.

Until now we’ve done the whole production process on our own (We write songs, we rehearse, we record, we mix, we perform, we shoot videos, we edit….and much more) BUT……

There is only so much we can do alone while performing and traveling. It is our dream to make a the best album we can, to share our music and message with all people.

We want to thank each and every one of you who has been supporting us from the start. thank you so much from our hearts to yours

If you can’t help by contributing money that’s okay 🙂 You can just help out by sharing and telling people about us.

Much Much Love

Roy, Ofir and Or

anna RF

November 30, 2014

O.Z.O.R.A :):):):):):)


We are so happy to be in this lineup 🙂

OZORA 2015 ! ! ! see you there

Much Love


November 11, 2014

anna-RF - Now on Instagram

Hello Everyone !:)
Now we are available on Instagram !!!!
for crazy pictures and updates, come be our friend on Instagram !!!:)


October 31, 2014

anna RF - Days and Nights (UZUN İNCE BİR YOLDAYIM)

One of the most beautiful places on this planet with the most amazing friends :))))))
A lot of Turkish music inspiration <3

October 31, 2014

We are going soon to Russia and India

Hey 🙂
We are going now to fly from Turkey to Russia and India –
To get every thing ready for the India Tour :)) and for some ARAMBOLLA concerts 🙂

October 31, 2014

I & I - anna RF feat El Zamir

El Zamir !
One of the biggest pioneers in Contemporary Ethnic music.
We love his unique sound !!!
Enjoy 🙂

October 31, 2014

anna RF rehearsals :)

Working on a new song (Mustache) – with Hadar Yaakov 🙂
Much love !

October 31, 2014

anna RF - LIVE From Ancient Trance Festival, Leipzig

anna RF – LIVE From Ancient Trance Festival, Leipzig 2014.
Raining in the desert – LIVE 🙂
One of the concerts in the European summer tour 2014.
Drums & Davul – Tom Bertschy
Bass Guitar and Electronic – Or Rave (AKA DUBTAZER)
Kamancha – Roy Smila
Vocal – Ofir J.Rock

October 31, 2014

Moustache :{

R U ready ?

October 31, 2014

New videos !

WE are working on few new videos !!!
One from Fethiye (Turkey) and one from Cappadokia (Turkey).
Cooming up soon !!!
Much love <3

October 31, 2014

anna RF Tourkey Tour 2014

anna RF TURKEY TOUR 2014
We played in :
We had a great time and crazy concerts 🙂
Thank you so much for everything <3